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El Forn de Jorba

Categoría : Bakery

  • Dirección : Avinguda de Canaletes, 36, 08719 Jorba, Barcelona
  • Teléfono : +34938094054
  • Página web :
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Lista de comentarios para El Forn de Jorba :

- I'm from Marseille. In the south of France for Epiphany, traditionally, we don't eat the French 'Galette'. We eat a 'couronne', which is a brioche in the shape of a crown topped with candied fruits. In the cake are hidden a king figure and a bean. Whoever finds the figure is the king, gets a crown and buys the next cake. Whoever finds the bean buys the champagne the following year (there are several versions of this tradition but this is the one we follow in my family)… When I arrived to Barcelona, I was glad to find the same tradition… Well, almost the same because here the king doesn't pay anything (this is Spain, after all  !) and whoever finds the bean buys the following cake. But the main difference, in my opinion, is that the brioche is filled with marzipan. And I don't like marzipan At least I don't like industrial marzipan. But last year, my wife’s parents bought a huge 'tortell' (that's the name of this cake here). They said it was artisanal, made only with local ingredients, etc. So I tried it again, convinced I wouldn't like it anyway… But it turned out I loved it and when they told me they would buy another one this year I really looked forward to trying it again and maybe tell everybody about it. As I said earlier, at Forn de Jorba, they only use local products, even for the candied fruits which exclusively are oranges (as opposed to common tortells that mainly have melon which can't be found locally) and even for the beans and the crown, made of real leaves  ! The cake is excellent and can be eaten over several days without getting dry (I personally can't make it last more than 3 days). The marzipan really tastes like almond, not so much sugar and artificial flavors like in the ones you can find in standard bakeries. And there's a lot of marzipan so you really can feel it. Finally, the price is more than fair: €27 for a 1Kg cake, suitable for a party of 8 to 10 officially (12 seems more accurate to me). One last thing: if you want one for next year, take in account that they only made 100 this year and it will probably be like that next year. Quality & taste: 10/10 Quantities: 10/10 Atmosphere: n/a Originality: 8/10 Ratio price / quality: 10/10 Service: n/a How I felt afterwards: 10/10 More on IG @runnerandfoodie.

- Es genial, productos de proximidad de gran calidad, trato excelente, variedad de pan, y otros productos de la tierra, cuidan elmedio ambiente.

- Todo muy rico. Hacen cosas nuevas con productos de siempre El pan espectacular.

- El mejor pan de payes que he comido en mi vida, las cocas de azúcar y piñones insuperable todo buenísimo.

- El pan es de gran calidad hay muchas variantes aparte hay gran cantidad de productos ecológicos.

- El mejor pan de leña, cocas y la mejor gente. Hay que ir si o si. Hacen un gran trabajo.

- Buen servicio, buenísima cocas forner, y muy bueno pan ala leña.

- Soy socio del colectivo Eixarcolant desde hace un par de meses. He visitado el forn de Jorba en dos ocasiones, la útima hace 3 dias para vomprar ese estupendo pan de pagès en formato cuadrado. Un lugar encantador… Me compraría toda la tienda (jajaja) Un proyecto aún mejor y que deseo que sea muy próspero. Lo recomiendo !

- Es un lugar casi único… Los productos y el proyecto que hay detrás son maravillosos… Os lo recomiendo 100%

- Excelente calidad en todos los productos. Los variedad en pan es muy buena sobre todo en productos sin gluten que es complicado encontrar en pan fresco del día. Excelente calidad del producto utilizando estevia en lugar de azúcar y harinas ecológicas. Las instalaciones impecables en limpieza y la dueña es muy amable. Recomiendo el pan de trigo sarraceno y el de castaña y toda la repostería en general.

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